Japanese Style Wooden Screen

The Naomi 3-Panel Cherry Finish Screen is a simple and elegant way to divide a room. This item is made of quality and structure for you to enjoy it for years to come. This beautiful screen is perfect for your home. It will draw plenty of wanted attention to your living space while creating the desired separation that you crave. Define space and create privacy with this 3-Panel Wooden Screen Screen. Available in 3 finish; black, cherry and natural. Make this item part of your home decor today!

This screen looks exactly the same as ones I’ve seen in retail stores for more than twice the price. As with most inexpensive Shoji screens, the material is thin and you need to be careful when moving it. As long as you’re careful to always grab by the wood, and position it somewhere where no one will put a fist through it, it’s not a problem.

Also, like other inexpensive screens, the material is all on one side of the wood pattern. That means that it looks much nicer from one side than the other. You’ll find the same is true of all mass-produced Shoji screens, though.

The hinges are bi-fold, giving a lot of positioning flexibility. I have one positioned in a corner with a couple of cheap lamps behind it, which gives a nice diffuse ambient light.

Note that the cherry finish is a bit darker than shown in the picture. I was glad for this, as it means that it matches my cherry-finished furniture, but be aware that the lighting in the photograph must be very bright to make it look like that.

ACME 02277 Naomi

3-Panel Wooden Screen, Cherry Finish

$51.72 $60.00

Japanese Style Wooden Screen
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