RAVPower 15W Solar Charger with Dual USB Port

  • High conversion solar charging technology keeps your device powered up with free solar power
  • Two ports with max 3A total output to charge two devices simultaneously
  • iSmart technology ensure 100% compatibility and fastest charging speed for your devices
  • Foldable design, easy to carry around, great for any outdoor trips and activities
  • Water-resistant and mould-resistant nylon to endure all weather conditions

Unlimited Power Source
Simply unfold under the sunlight and make full use of the clean and unlimited solar power to charge your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB powered devices. Featuring two iSmart charging ports, you can charge any two devices at once.

Travel Ready
The foldable design occupies as little space as thin book. The evenly placed mesh texture enables easy attachment to your backpack, tent, or trees. With both water and mould resistant features, it’s ideal for camping, hiking, or traveling.

Charge Smarter
Both the outputs are the same, iSmart technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device, each output current is 2A Max, the total current is 3A Max.

What’s in the Box:
– 1 x RAVPower 15 W Solar Charger (Model: RP-SC02)
– 4 x Hook
– 1 x User Manual

Please make sure the input voltage and current of your device fall within the accepted range.
Place the charger under direct sunlight, as cloudy weather and indirect sunlight may affect charging efficiency.

This is a FINE charger for people who love the outdoors and are friendly and respectful to their environment. The solar panels and two USB charging ports are well protected by a heavy duty nylon case which fastens securely with integral Velcro strips. I tested it with two devices charging simultaneously, a Motorola Tracfone and a Creative Labs VADO Cam video camera. They both charged fine on a gray, typical, Pacific Northwest fall day*, with only occasional sun breaks. The pictures show my test setup. I also tested it with my son’s Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone and it charged it from 60% to 75% in about an hour on a very overcast day where the sun was only visible as a bright area in a very gray, overcast sky. The charging unit folds up to about 10″ x 7-1/2″ x 1″ and would easily fit in a small day pack for taking along with you on the trails ahead. Note that it does not come with any charging cords or adapters and you would need one with a standard USB connector for your devices you plan to charge with it.




RAVPower 15W

Solar Charger with Dual USB Port (Foldable, Portable, iSmart Technology)

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RAVPower 15W Solar Charger with Dual USB Port
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